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An abundant number of potential singles

You will have access to 86,000 singles databases from inside and outside of Japan who want a serious relationship. The biggest difference between dating Apps is that all of our clients are willing to settle down and have a goal to be married soon. We are proud to be a member of the IBJ, Japan Marriage Consultation Association.

Facilitating opportunities for connection

Beyond Happiness provides personalized services that cater to the needs of our members. We highly value and  respect the marriage aspirations and preferences of individual members.  Additionally, you can choose a partner from all over Japan.

Counseling by experienced in matchmaking services

Counseling is provided by a matchmaker who has successfully married through IBJ, offering insights from a participant's perspective. We genuinely and wholeheartedly support you, addressing current trends in marriage-seeking and helping with any concerns you may have. We are here to help navigate singles work through all the dating challenges including dating burnout, and unhealthy dating pattern, and help boost your confidence.

Meet Yuka 

Yuka Kurita

Founder & Owner

There are many different specialists in the world.    We've all asked for advice when problems and pains come to our lives. Dating life is no different. Why don't we think of consulting a marriage specialist about the biggest decision in our life?

BEYOND HAPPINESS is an expert in finding a lifetime partner. I'm the partner you've been searching for.

We have the right knowledge of matchmaking and successful dating activity. We will guide you to find a partner that meets your preferences and walk through all the dating challenges.

In my single life, I've tried dating apps and attended many singles events. I just wanted to find a partner who is ready for a commitment and meaningful relationship. I was hopeful in the beginning, but started to feel limited and left me disappointed from the modern dating scene. 
One day, a friend of mine reached me out saying that he got married through a Matchmaker. I was so happy for him because I knew how much he wanted a lifetime partner and started his own family. In the past, he had many bad dating experiences that also left him disappointed and broken. 

If he could find someone through a matchmaker, maybe I could too. 

So, I finally started to do my research for marriage agencies around my city and found the one that inspired me. I was skeptical but decided to join a membership. I was in my mid 30s and thought this was my last chance.

Looking back, this was the best investment I've made.

3 months later, I found the love of my life, who is my husband now!

Just like that! 

Things happened and my life had changed within 3 months!

At BEYOND HAPPINESS, we will be there with you 100% of the way by providing you with dating tips and giving you the extra confidence you need. 

So be yourself, choose yourself, and focus more on committing to yourself to a Matchmaker!

Let's find your beloved partner efficiently and surely in the shortest possible way!

The process leading to successful marriage typically involves the following steps:

1 Free Counseling & Membership Enrollment

We are open to any questions related to marriage-seeking and our services. During the consultation, we will discuss your current situation, and future aspirations, and also explain all the rules you need to follow  to be a member. We will provide  advice for each person on the most suitable methods for marriage-seeking. The session will last approximately 40 minutes. Once you are fully satisfied with our services, you can proceed to enroll.  

2 MatchMaking (Omiai)

From the industry's largest pool at  IBJ, IT  Bridal networking  of Japan which hold approximately 86,000 singles. You can propose a meeting with someone who meets your criteria. We will also send you matches that we think you two might be a good fit. Once both parties agree to meet, our counselor will coordinate the details, such as the date and time, with the prospective partner's marriage consultation agency. Face-to-face meeting may take place in a hotel lounge, while online meetings will be facilitated through platforms like Zoom.

3 Trial Period

After the "omiai" (meeting), we will inquire about the feelings from both parties. If there is mutual interest in pursuing a relationship, contact information will be exchanged, marking the start of a provisional courtship. As you go on multiple dates, we will work together to identify those who are interested in a relationship with marriage as a potential outcome. During the provisional courtship, it is also possible to engage in simultaneous courtships with multiple individuals if desired.

4 Serious Relationship

After the three-month provisional courtship, both parties will narrow down their focus to each other, marking the beginning of a serious courtship. This period is dedicated to determining if the other person is a suitable  for a marriage partner. Throughout this time, our matchmaker will continue to listen to any concerns or issues you may have and provide support to ensure that both individuals are on the same page emotionally. The average duration of a serious courtship is around 2 to 3 months. If there are difficult or challenging topics to discuss, feel free to share anything you'd like to talk about.

5 Propose

After going through a period of serious courtship and confirming mutual intentions for marriage, it's time to move forward to the proposal stage. Rest assured that our support system is in place and ready to assist every step of the way.

6 Marriage

Upon the completion of the proposal and the solidification of both parties' intention to marry, the next step is the completion of the marriage registration process. Congratulations! Your relationship has flourished, and your marriage-seeking journey has come to a successful end.

Additionally, if you wish, we are here to provide support even after your marriage, including assistance with wedding preparations. Please feel at ease, and congratulations once again!


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